Mendix: Health Wellness Video

Health Wellness Application

In an effort to provide college students real world experience, Titan sponsored a 3rd year college student and provided the intern a chance to learn Mendix, receive Rapid Application Development (RAD) certification, and build an app. The intern took the free Mendix online training and received the RAD certification. With the COVID-19 pandemic identified in December 2019, it made sense for the intern’s first app to be a wellness checklist app, to help in monitoring employee’s health and when they would be allowed to report for work. Three weeks after training, our intern deployed the first version of the Wellness app. We left the app in that first version to show what can be developed in Mendix with no experience, only after taking the two-day training class.

The Wellness app captures the employee information, their work location, and their vitals. Based on the employee vitals, the app determines if the employee is cleared to work. For other employees and employees who are not the application administrators, the app serves as an employee and location directory.