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Titan Consulting specializes in DIMP (Discrete Industry and Mill Products) with industry niche in Automotive and Wire & Cable Industries.

These industry segments differ from others primarily in that the materials used have a large number of characteristics and variants. The materials in the segments listed above are also predominantly area-based (e.g. paper, textiles, plastic film) or length-based (e.g. cables, piping). Account must be taken of these material characteristics throughout the entire supply chain.

Mendix runs natively on the SAP HANA data platform and takes advantage of in-memory database capabilities, advanced analytics and unlimited scalability. Mendix, an SAP Solution Extension, is the preferred development platform for SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, SAP ECC, and SAP SuccessFactors Solutions to build future-proof applications.

When the stakes are high and the pressure to perform is higher, rely on experience, integrity, and guaranteed results to transform your SAP landscape:
  • Experience on over 100 projects
    transforming complex SAP landscapes across all industries.
  • Provide clarity, certainty, and integrity with your harmonization, consolidation, divestiture and organizational change projects.
  • Guarantee results on agreed upon timelines.
Titan’s approach is based around the following guidelines:
  • Use the complete SAP Mobile Platform when appropriate for customer needs.
  • When a customer is not ready to adopt the complete SAP Mobile Platform, alternative platforms are chosen that use standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Components compatible with the SAP Mobile Platform are suggested whenever possible, such as NetWeaver Gateway, Sencha, etc., to enable a smooth migration to the full SAP Mobile Platform in the future should the customer desire.
  • In the current era of BYOD, our development philosophy is to build a solution compatible with the three major mobile device platforms – IOS, Android, and Windows. When necessary, we will also provide a dedicated device-specific solution for one or more of these platforms.
Our consultants have specialized skills for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Data Volume Management (DVM), and Data Archiving (DA) in specialized ERP Systems of SAP. Examples of our services include:
  • Data and process assessment, road mapping, strategy development, solution design
  • Project management and execution of processes and solutions in the areas of ILM, DVM, and DA
  • Outsourcing of services to sustain processes, systems, and solutions in the areas of ILM, DVM, and DA
  • Legacy system de-commissioning: Data mapping, alternative data presentation and access
  • Coaching and impartial consulting on augmented data archiving software requirements
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