Advisory Services

Are you implementing SAP for the first time or doing a functional upgrade?

Are you getting the ROI out of your existing SAP solution?

Did you acquire a new business or launch a new line of business?

Are you rolling out SAP to new plants or distribution centers?

How do you implement these changes quickly without disrupting your ongoing business?

Our Advisory Services can support you in any phase of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our consultants bring years of industry, process, and technology best practices to guide you through, around, and over the challenges and obstacles of your ERP applications.

Scenarios we’ve been hired to support include:

  • Business Case, Effort and Planning
  • Software Evaluation and Selection
  • Project Management, Scheduling and Budgets
  • Organizational Readiness and Change Management
  • Data Conversion and Governance
  • Process and Technology Improvement and Adoption
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • System Maintenance and Support – i.e., archiving, capacity planning and optimization (getting rid of “deadwood”)
  • User and System Governance, Risk and Control

One of the biggest challenges for any executive is to leverage the investment in their ERP systems. Titan Consulting understands what it takes to receive the benefits of SAP and get the most out of their solution.

For example, many companies leave functionality out of their first phase project because of time and budget constraints. Quite often they never take the time to  revisit the out-of-scope items and enhancements. Consequently, there are numerous processes that are sub-optimized, or long-standing workarounds that could be easily automated, freeing up needed resources.

After the initial project, a company  should investigate how enhancement packs could benefit their business. They also should evaluate how to keep the system working efficiently, for example, through improved user experience (UI/UX), mobilizing a process, decreasing batch run times, or improving analytics and intelligence.

Little hinges swing big doors!

Titan Consulting is uniquely positioned to identify those small changes in a process or technology that yield noticeable gains in user satisfaction, productivity, and effectiveness.

We have helped many customers increase the value and positive perception of their SAP system. We are confident that we can help you improve your systems and the benefits SAP contributes to your business and mission.

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